About Us

Food is the most essential part of life. We work and earn to provide healthy, nutritious and wholesome food to our family.

With green revolution, usage of Fertilizers, insecticides & pesticides, basically harmful chemicals increased to unprecedented levels.

Residue of these chemicals has not only changed composition of the soil and ground water but also gets into our body along with the food we eat.

To a large extend the food we eat is majorly responsible for diseases like cancer, metabolic disorders, heart ailments etc. Changing lifestyle has become a threat to healthy living, not everything is in our hand but what we eat definitely is.

To overcome the threat of growing diseases and promoting healthy living, Vitasta Organic is giving people an option to eating food which is grown without toxic chemicals and pesticides by providing variety of organic food items at your doorstep.

Vitasta Organic has partnered with producer companies and farmers to offer to our customers products that are certified by the most reputed & accredited agencies in the world. Food Safety Management Standards are adhered for the purpose of offering superior quality of food products.